Hi and Thanks for Being Here !!!

Hi and Thanks for Being Here !!!

Hello reader! I'm so glad you're taking a look at my art and are even taking the time to read my blog -- it truly means so much to me! If you've made it this far onto my site, there's probably a good chance you know me in my personal life, but in the off chance that you're new, I'll give myself a quick intro.

My name is Julia, and I'm 26 years old and live in Washington, DC, and am originally from Michigan. A few fun facts about me: in high school, I played the cymbals in the marching band, I'm half Filipino, and Taylor Swift is my absolute favorite. I found a passion for fiber art during the pandemic, and it's honestly changed my life. If you're interested in weaving, or have any questions about it, I'm always happy to chat.

I started Jetta & Jules in November 2021, and decided to branch out from Etsy, and this site is the result. I'm pretty new to all of this, and had a lot of fun making the site, and am hoping it's easy and intuitive to navigate, but always welcome feedback. If you're reading this before June 1, 2022, message me "Jetta is the cutest" on Instagram for a 10% promo code as a little thank you for exploring my website :)




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