Collection: custom fiber art

you choose the size and color palette, and I’ll work with you to create a custom piece perfect for your space

you can be involved as you want through out the process. whether email me some colors and dimensions and give me complete creative freedom, or have a chat over FaceTime and show me your space and how you envision the piece fitting in, and get photo updates along the way, i'm happy to work with you to create something you'll love

to get a quote, please use the form below to share any details about what you're envisioning for your space (approximate dimensions are helpful)

after i send you the quote, we can chat more about the details. this could look like:

- sending me photos of the room where you're planning to hang the piece

- a quick FaceTime so I can see your space and show you some fibers


- sharing a specific piece on my website or instagram that you want your piece to be similar to (but maybe a different size, color palette, etc.)

i'm happy to work with you in whatever way you prefer.

don't hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions at all about how the process works (or anything else! i'm always happy to chat)

a few other things to note:

- i love making custom pieces, no matter the size! you can either tell me the size you're thinking, or your budget and i can tell you what dimensions we'd be working with

- 100% vegan options are available

- wooden alphabet letters can be added on with any text you wish (perfect for a baby name or your favorite quote!)

- standard leadtime for a small custom weaving (anything smaller than a piece of printer paper) is about 2 weeks, and the lead-time for larger pieces is 6-8+ weeks. this can vary based on the size of your piece and if any fibers need to be special ordered

- i'm not able to use photos of another fiber artist's work as inspiration for your custom piece.

  • located at PLNTR in dc!

  • located at fibrespace in Alexandria!

  • this was for an IG giveaway

  • a completely vegan weaving for my bestie

  • a gift for a new baby

  • this piece was for my first art show, SHEDC by shop made in dc

    (the bottom piece was by my friend, lisa cox, another fiber artist that was in dc at the time!)

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