lots of changes

lots of changes

hello friends! lots of changes going on with jetta & jules. most of them happened this summer. jetta and i moved back to michigan, i started a new job that i absolutely love, and went through a break up. 

changes are scary and can be overwhelming, and there are definitely been moments that I've felt unsure about a lot of things. but i'm starting feeling like i have a lot to be proud of and am really happy. i love being back in michigan and getting to slow down and really enjoy every day. 

this past weekend i ran my first half marathon with srishti (my younger brother's girlfriend), and in the weeks leading up to it, i started getting a little in my head about it going badly. i had originally made it my goal to have a >10 minute pace, which is about what i was at for the cherry blossom 10 miler i had done earlier this year, and with how my training was going i wasn't going to meet that goal. i was very much focused on that, and not on the fact that i was going to be running 13 miles, which me a year ago would have never ever guessed i would be doing. we ended up finishing in 2:08, so i ended up meeting my goal after all but would have been just as happy if i hadn't (okay maybe a little less happy). but i'm so happy to have taken up running, and love the feeling of working towards something. 

i taught a weaving class last month in montague (where my parents live) and it was so much fun to share my love for weaving with my students. i was so impressed with how creative and quick to learn they all were. i brought my first ever weaving to the second class to show the students and it's honestly so crazy to think how much i've learned since i first picked up a loom almost two years ago. i think having an outlet to express myself freely has really been important for me and has allowed me to find a lot of inner peace and confidence, and has been especially important during this period of change. 

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